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Educational Activities

The prime motive of Residents Welfare Trust Ramamurthy Nagar is to provide support in education and empowerment of the deserving fellow residents within the working area.

  • Providing Scholarships for economically weaker but meritorious students.
  • Adopting government schools and providing necessary infrastructure, study materials and efficient facilitators for the students.
  • Identify and extend support to the children of differently abled, economically weaker, child laborers, orphans etc.
  • Spreading awareness among the residents on health & sanitation, education, environment, consumer rights, road safety and other socio-economic rights particularly Human Rights.
  • Encouraging adult education, teaching of Kannada for non-Kannadigas.
  • Providing vocational training for housewives in association with the government, quasi government or other NGO’s.
  • Establishing and maintaining educational and job oriented institutions for the benefit of the residents as and when the trust shall afford to do so.
  • Awarding Scholarships and Fellowships on such terms & conditions as the Trustees may think fit for the purpose of encouraging education among the residents.