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Health and Medical Support

Residents Welfare Trust Ramamurthy Nagar gives more focus on the health, hygiene and environmental awareness of the residents.

  • To create a team of volunteers who are interested in donating blood to the needy in emergency situations.
  • To promote public charitable objectives for the advancement of the wellbeing of the residents especially during this pandemic situation without any distinction of caste, religion, language or community.
  • To establish, maintain, run, develop, medical projects, ambulance services, etc., to provide first aid treatment and other medical relief to the general public.
  • To conduct medical camps, blood donation camps etc. for the benefit of the deserved.
  • To organize first aid classes, fire precautions etc. for the benefit of the residents.
  • To publish literature, write-ups etc. on all aspects of health care.
  • To adopt Gov. Medical kiosks, Primary health centers, Hospitals or any other Medical establishments by providing materials and voluntary services.