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Programme Details



Meeting commenced at 03.30 pm at the office of Mr. K. Krishna Murthy, at NRI Layout.

S/Sri.Shama Rao AV, .K.Krishna Murthy, S K.Nair, M, Sri. P. Divakaran, . Nagajyothi KS, Dr.JS. Keshavakumar, Abhilash G Nair, Aji PB, Ayesha Asmi, Dayananda BR, Malleswari V, Manjula Prabhakar, Dr.Mohan Kumar D, Peter George, Prashanth DN, Shantha Krishnamurthy, Sindhu Jonathan, Sri Thanjuja Nithish, Thimmaiah KT, Vijayaraghu Halmidi.,  were present in the meeting.

Sri. Mune Gowda was not present. His leave of absence recoded.

  1. Sri K. Krishna Murthy presided over the meeting and welcomed the members. He also introduced the Founder Sri Shama Rao to the meeting and requested him to speak a few words.
  2. Sri Shama Rao addressed the gathering. He explained the need and necessity of forming the trust and urged the members to be active in the trust with their contributions.
  3.  Smt. Naga Jyothi, General Secretary presented the minutes of the previous meeting. The meeting approved the minutes. She informed that the we have received the PAN  and the opening of bank account is in process.
  4. Sri. SK Nair, Working President presented the agenda to consider and adopt in the meeting.
  1. The meeting approved ad-hoc committee office bearers to continue as the office bearers for one full term as per the trust deed. 
  2. The meeting finalized the term of fourteen trustees through a lucky dip as per the trust deed and the President announced the name and term of the trustees as follows.

Trustees retiring on 28th November 2021

  1. Abhilash G Nair.
  2. Manjula Prbhakar,
  3. Sindhu Jonathan
  4. Malleswari.

Trustees retiring on 28th November 2022

  1. Vijayraghu Halmidi
  2. Peter George
  3. Prashanth DN
  4. Mohan Kumar D
  5. Thimmaiah KT

Trustees retiring on 28th November 2023

  1. Ayesh Asmi
  2. Ajee PB
  3. Shantha Krishna Murthy
  4. Dayanand BR
  5. Sri Thanuja Nithish
  1. The Responsibilities of the trustees were confirmed and approved by the meeting.

Abhilash G Nair, Director Internal Audit and inventory

Aji PB, Director General Activities.

Ayesha Asmi, Director IT Cell

Dayananda BR, Director BESCOM Grievance Cell

Malleswari V, Director Charity Activities.

Manjula Prabhakar, Director Medical Support Team

Dr.Mohan Kumar D, Director Event Management.

Peter George, Director Education Services

Prashanth DN, Director Account and Inventory.

Shantha Krishnamurthy, Director Ladies Wing

Sindhu Jonathan, Director BBMP Grievance Cell

Sri Thanjuja Nithish, Director/ Convener Ladies Wing

Thimmaiah KT, Director BWSSB Grievance Cell

Vijayaraghu Halmidi Director Finance Committee.

Sri. Abhilash Nair requested to give a detailed guidelines for the responsibilities entrusted. The meeting decided to prepare and circulate in the Whatsap group.

The meeting entrusted the directors to constitute sub-committee and prepare the plan of actions taking in to confidence of the Zonal Representatives. It is also decided that the office bearers will be the special invitees of all subcommittee meetings.

  1. Formation of Zonal Committees

The Trust Board Meeting decided to engage two trustees for each zones to constitute the Zonal Committees comprising of Zonal .Chairman (1) Zonal Conveners and Liaison officers (any number as required) as detailed below.

East Zone: Sri Aji PB and Smt.Ayesha Asmi.

North East Zone: Smt.Sri Thanaja Nithish kumar and Smt. Shantha Krishna Murthy

North Zone: Smt.Sindhu Jonathan  and Smt.Malleswari

Central Zone: Sri BR. Dayand and Sri. Thimmiah KT

South Zone: Smt Manjula Prabhakar and Dr.Mohan Kumar

  1. Mission and Vision

The Meeting discussed the basic structure of the mission and vision and decided to entrust Mr. Peter George to finalize with the assistance of Sri Abhilash Nair.

  1.  Website for the trust

After a detailed discussion it has been decided to create a website with all particulars of     the trust and trustees, projects, member’s details, notice board, payment gateway etc. The meeting considered the quotation received from M/s Channel Soft which amounts to Rs.25000/- and agreed to proceed with. IT Cell Director Ms. Ayesha Asim has been given the responsibility to discuss and finalize the technical aspects.

  1. Membership fee and Membership campaign.

The meeting confirmed the onetime membership fee as Rs.1000/- and to start enrolling members to the maximum possible within 31st December 2020. The meeting also decided the pattern of the receipt as Membership Certificate and to print the same at the earliest.

  1. Meetings of the Trust Board and Other Subcommittees

It has been decided to conduct the Trust Board Meeting Once in six months and the subcommittee meeting as frequent as possible.

The meeting of the General Council comprising of 21 trustees, Zonal Chairman, Convener and liaison officers of all zones together once in a year.

  1. The programmme proposed were categorically approved and entrusted the Directors/Subcommittees to formulate the plan of actions.
  1. President in his concluding address once again confirmed that he will be donating rupees one lakh and requested the members to pay the membership fee and donations as much as they can. He expressed his gratefulness to the members for having participated actively in the deliberations.
  1. General Secretary proposed vote of thanks and the meeting concluded by 7 pm. Host Smt. Shantha Krishnamurthy Director Ladies wing provided tea and snacks to all members.

Nagajyothi KS

General Secretary